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As soon as on the 4th and 5th of April, 2023, the Data Economy Congress takes place in the Westin Hotel. It is the first event aiming at a cross-sectoral discussion on mechanisms and trends shaping the economy of the future. Leaders of such sectors as banking, power engineering, trade networks, retail, e-commerce, logistics, telco & ICT, and the media will jointly analyze the new model of the economy based on data.

Data Economy Congress will start with the Future of Data Economy debate. The experts will discuss how to efficiently use data in business and what the economy of the future will look like. They will also analyze the influence of new technologies on the data economy.

During the next block, we plan discussions concerning data regarding cross-sectoral cooperation between companies and public institutions. The participants will learn examples of collaboration between companies and institutions representing various sectors of the economy, which cooperate in data exchange, data analysis, and the use of data. Furthermore, we will present ideas, concepts, and projects concerning widening the areas of cooperation and opening new databases, among others, the possibilities of public databases use.

Data-Driven Organization is another important topic. It is a theory of organizational management based on data and decision-making processes conducted based on advanced analysis and interpretation of data. You will also hear the commentaries concerning the challenges of climate change, the implementation of the ESG strategies, the use of new technologies in projects aiming at sustainable development and limiting climate change, the analysis and use of data, as well as Machine Learning and AI.

The second day of the Congress will start with a discussion on trust building in the contemporary data economy and the significance of the responsibility of the entities processing data. The issues of domestic and EU regulations concerning the area of data economy will also be discussed. The event will present inspiring examples of the practical use of solutions and technology based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in various economic scopes. The end of the Congress will constitute a block devoted to the cybersecurity of data used in the company: in the organization’s internal processes, during the exchange of sensitive data with a customer, or during cooperation with various entities on the market. We are also going to touch upon the opportunities and threats connected with the development of the idea of the open data economy.

The Data Economy is a congress where the economic and business issues are analyzed, as well as the market environment and legal regulations concerning the use of data potential. The program of the event is created by the top experts on the market. The Founding Board and the Program Board include, among others:

  • Rafał Brzoska, Honorary Chairman of the Founding Board, President of the Management Board InPost
  • Szymon Wałach, Co-Chairman of the Founding Board, Vice President of the Management Board InPost
  • Mariusz Cholewa, Co-Chairman of the Founding Board, President of the Management Board, BIK
  • Dominika Bettman, General Manager, Microsoft Polska
  • Tomasz Blicharski, Executive Vice President, Board Member, Managing Director Zabka Future, Żabka Polska
  • Janusz Cieszyński, Secretary of State, Government Plenipotentiary for Cyber Security, KPRM
  • Jarosław Królewski, CEO/Founder, Synerise
  • prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska, AI expert, Vice Rector, Kozminski University

The event is addressed to management boards of the companies from the new technologies sector, traditional sectors, such as banking, insurance, finances (including VP and PE), power engineering, trade networks, logistics, supply-chain, telco & ICT, public administration, fintech ecosystem companies, data analysts, data-scientists, developers, as well as creators, enthusiasts and promoters of new technologies.