Program Data Economy Congress

4-5 April 2023

Day I
8:30 - 9:00
Registration of Guests
9:00 – 9:25
Ceremonial opening of the conference
9:25 – 9:45
Keynote speech
9:45 – 10:45
Future of Data Economy
10:45 – 12:45
Cross-sectoral cooperation of companies and public institutions
12:45 – 13:20
Networking break
13:20 – 14:35
Data-driven organization
14:35 – 15:40
Data for climate
Committee of CDOs i CIOs meeting
Day II
9:00 – 9:30
Guest registration
9:30 – 9:40
The opening of the second day of the conference
9:40 – 10:00
Keynote speech
10:00 – 11:20
Contemporary data economy - the necessity of building trust
11:20 – 12:00
Networking break
12:00 – 14:10
AI, ML and advanced analytics solutions for business
Modeling consumer propensity and using external data sources
14:10 – 15:15
Data security and cybersecurity – data responsibility

Detailed Program Data Economy Congress

Day I
Day II
8:30 - 9:00
Registration of Guests
9:00 - 9:05
Opening of the conference
9:05 - 9:25
Inaugural speech
  • Mariusz Cholewa, Co-Chairman of the Founding Board / President of the Management Board, BIK / CEO, ACCIS
  • Szymon Wałach, Co-Chairman of the Founding Board / Vice President of the Management Board InPost
9:25 - 9:45
Technology disruption: a focus on data and generative AI
Keynote speech
  • Diego Cervantes-Knox, Consulting Partner, PwC UK
9:45 - 10:45
The Future of Data Economy
  • Data as a strategic resource in business - how to use them efficiently?
  • What will the economy look like in the future?
  • The influence of new technologies on the data economy
  • The use and the potential of the data generated in the IoT
  • Dominika Bettman, General Manager, Microsoft Polska
  • Mariusz Cholewa, Co-Chairman of the Data Economy Congress Program Council, President of the Board, Biuro Informacji Kredytowej
  • Przemysław Koch, Board Member, CTO/COO, VeloBank
  • Jarosław Królewski, CEO & Founder, Synerise
  • Michał Potoczek, CEO, OChK
  • Marta Wrochna-Łastowska, Board Member/CFO, Grupa Żabka
  • Karol Tokarczyk, digital economy analyst, Polityka Insight
10:45 - 12:45
The host of the block - the Polish Credit Bureau
The examples of cooperation between the companies and institutions representing various sectors of the economy, which cooperate in data exchange, data analysis, and use of data. The ideas and projects are broadening the areas of possible cooperation and opening new databases, e.g., collecting data from state institutions, central administration bodies, and local government bodies.
10:45 - 11:00
The bases of sectoral cooperation
Case study / firechat
  • Sławomir Grzelczak, Vice President of the Board, Biuro Informacji Kredytowej
11:00 - 11:45
How to open the access to public data?
  • Opportunities and possibilities to use the largest databases in the country
  • Government identity confirmation apps
  • Public Data Sharing Policy. What are the potential risks?
  • Transparency and accountability: what are the transparency and accountability rules for access to public data and what are the control and oversight mechanisms
  • Open access to data: what are the benefits of open access to public data, what are the barriers to this goal and what are the ways to overcome them
  • Paweł Lewandowski, Undersecretary of state, KPRM
  • Adrian Kurowski, General Director of Visa in Poland
  • Jakub Mazur, Deputy Mayor of Wrocław
  • Włodzimierz Owczarczyk, Deputy director, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych
  • Jaromir Pelczarski, CIO, Alior Bank
  • Łukasz Świerżewski, Member of the board, Polska Agencja Prasowa
11:45 - 12:00
Modern CRM in the cloud
Case study
  • Błażej Szczecki, Vice President of the Management Board, Bank Pekao SA
12:00 - 12:20
Resiliency for Mission Critical Application in Cloud
Case study
  • Petter Sveum, Chief Architect, International, Veritas Technologies
12:20 - 12:45
Building a vision of analytical transformation in the organization
  • How do you start planning for a change in the approach to data in traditional sectors?
  • Practical perspective on digital transformation - exchange of experiences CDO's
  • How to choose the right strategy for data lake, data warehouse, data hubs... Data houses?
  • The role of no code and low code in the development of the organization
  • Renata Bratkowska, Chief Data Officer, Grupa NEUCA
  • Łukasz Krause, Director of the Digital and IT Division, Medicover
  • Łukasz Michalczyk, Chief Data Officer, Director of Data & Advanced Analytics Center, Link4
  • Tomasz Wyszyński, CDO – Europe & CIS, Danone
  • Łukasz Grala, Mentor, Futurolog, CEO, TIDK
12:45 - 13:20
Networking break
13:20 - 15:00
CDOs i CIOs Committee (closed meeting)
13:20 - 14:35
Organizational management is in accordance with the theory of data-driven, which constitutes making decisions based on advanced analysis and interpretation of available data. Some experience will be shown concerning using broadly-understood data in the internal processes of companies and institutions, both concerning organizational issues, optimization of actions, and improvement of results.
13:20 - 13:35
New Business Leader s. Data Driven Digital Economy
Case study
  • Sylwia Pyśkiewicz, CEO, Equinix
  • Piotr Ciżkowicz, CEO/Profesor, Statxplorer
13:35 - 13:50
How can data support the economy? How can economies use available data to build their vision of the new economics?
Case study
  • Jarosław Królewski, CEO & Founder, Synerise
  • Karim Sylla, Dyrektor Analityki & Data Science, Żabka Polska
13:50 - 14:10
Microsoft Azure cloud data platforms
  • Robert Woźniak, CEO, Elitmind
  • Tomasz Dreslerski, Enterprise Commercial Lead, Board Member, Microsoft Polska
14:10 - 14:25
Transformation to an innovative data-driven organization
Case study
  • Tomasz Burzyński, Chief Data Officer, InPost
14:25 - 14:35
Increasing the effectiveness of data-driven investments in CRM systems
  • Jakub Banaszkiewicz, Technical Presales Manager, Limitless Technologies
14:35 - 15:40
Data economy vs. the challenges connected with the change of climate. Actions as a part of ESG strategy implementation. The influence and the possibility of using new technologies in projects aiming at sustainable development and limiting, or preferably, stopping gradual climate changes. Opportunities brought by the analysis and use of data, as well as ML and AI.
14:35 - 14:45
Green data cloud. Cloud computing as a catalyst for ESG transformation in organizations
  • Mariusz Chudy, CEE Cloud & Digital Leader, CEE Alliances Leader, PwC
14:45 - 15:05
Data in the energy sector
  • What should practical guidelines for energy companies in the area of data management and implementation of cloud computing solutions look like?
  • How to apply a model of cloud computing architecture and big data management in the energy sector?
  • Revision of the origin of OT and IT systems used in enterprise technology ecosystems
  • How to catalog data sources? How to store them? How to analyze?
  • Principles of secure processing
  • Financing technological investments in the energy sector
  • Grzegorz Bojar, CIO, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A.
  • Leszek Chwalik, Vice-President of the Management Board, TAURON Obsługa Klienta
  • Grzegorz Lot, Vice-President of the Management Board, Polenergia Dystrybucja*
  • Eryk Kłossowski, Expert in the energy sector
15:05 - 15:40
Harnessing the power of data to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and ESG strategies
  • Creating more sustainable products and services – a cross-sectoral look at ESG
    • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy, material and water consumption - analytical conclusions
  • Eco-customer: customer needs and expectations - matching based on data
  • Using data to monitor and improve energy efficiency
  • Business data analysis and investments in accordance with the EU Taxonomy
  • Climate change research and determination of climate change impacts - carbon footprint
  • Mariusz Chudy, CEE Cloud & Digital Leader, CEE Alliances Leader, PwC
  • Izabela Karolczyk-Szafrańska, VP & Chief Marketing Officer, InPost Group
  • Marta Mikliszańska, Head of Group Public Affairs & ESG, Allegro
  • Tomasz Wyszyński, CDO – Europe & CIS, Danone
  • Aleksandra Trojanowska, Managing Director, Algorable
9:00 - 9:30
Registration of Guests
9:30 - 9:40
Opening of the 2nd day of the conference
9:40 - 10:00
AI Wars
  • Artur Kurasiński, Creator, entrepreneur and investor, CEO,
10:00 - 11:30
The host of the block - Visa
Responsibility for data processing for the economy. The meaning of responsibility taken on by the entities processing data, both for the security of the data collections entrusted to them and for the data use that benefits everybody. The issue of the national and EU legal frameworks concerning data economy - the current legal status and planned amendments and changes in the law.
10:00 - 10:10
What is the value of data for consumers, businesses and the economy?
Case study
  • Karol Jaroszewski, Head of Data Science Lab, Central Eastern Europe, Visa
10:10 - 11:05
Contemporary data economy - the necessity of building trust
  • Are we, as a country, prepared to use the opportunities connected with constructing the economy based on data?
  • What are the critical challenges for companies and public administration in this respect?
  • What examples of solutions based on data add value to the economy and society?
  • The mechanics of open data and their value for particular industries (e.g., for open banking)
  • How can open data support the Smart City concept and facilitate improvements in local governments in the spirit of social participation?
  • What role can the integration of data collections belonging to various providers and databases play? Is it possible to build a cohesive data ecosystem in Poland?
  • How can the private sector support processes of opening and use of data?
  • How to build support for entities processing data, and how to educate in this respect?
  • Karol Jaroszewski, Head of Data Science Lab, Central Eastern Europe, Visa
  • dr Anna Wierzbicka, Director of the Department of Environmental Management in the Department of Ecology and Climate, City of Łódź Office
  • Marcin Bednarski, Director of Data Science Department, PKO Bank Polski.
  • Krzysztof Blusz, Global Expansion Director, Synerise
  • Adrian Kurowski, General Manager Poland, Visa
11:05 - 11:20
EU Regulations concerning open finance and finance data space
  • dr Krzysztof Korus, Counsel, Partner, DLK Legal, Member, The European Payment Institutions Federation (EPIF)
11:20 - 12:00
Networking break
12:00 - 14:10
Inspiring examples of practical solutions/ technology based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning used in various scopes of the economy. The presented case studies are to stimulate you and inspire you to think about the use of the solutions also in other sectors.
12:00 - 12:15
Examples of innovations based on ML analysis of the device usage profile
Case study
  • Michał Łukasiewicz, Member of the Management Board, Digital Fingerprints, Lider Strumienia Antyfraudowego
12:15 - 12:35
How to use data to increase business efficiency? Lake house i data mash
Case study and Q&A session
  • Łukasz Grala, Mentor, Futurolog, CEO, TIDK
12:35 - 12:55
What impact does Chat GPT have on the commercial market?
  • At what conversion stage are we?
  • The perspective of customers using Chat GPT as a tool
  • Data certification - the human factor in the commercial use of Open AI
  • Robert Woźniak, CEO, Elitmind
  • Tomasz Dreslerski, Enterprise Segment Director, Microsoft
  • Maciej Jakubowski, CTO, Empik Group
  • Robert Pławiak, CIDO / CTO, Polpharma
  • Marcin Sokołowski, CEO,
12:55 - 13:10
Using analytics to accelerate and automate traditional processes related to the real estate market
Case study
  • Mateusz Chachulski, Member of the Management Board, Cenatorium
13:10 - 13:40
Digital identity and data analytics as a key to building better customer experience
Debate (3+1)
  • Use data and analytics to create and customize products
  • Examples of good practices and solutions used in the media sector regarding digital identity and data analytics
  • Prospects and forecasts for the development of the media market in the context of digital identity and data analytics
  • Marcin Choiński, Data & AI Department Director, TVN Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Edyta Sadowska, CEO, General Director, CANAL+ Polska
  • Anna Sakowicz, Chief data & analytics officer w Publicis Groupe, General Manager YOTTA
  • Paweł Prus, President of the Management Board, Zamenhof Institute
13:40 - 13:55
The Role of Classification & AIML in Data Discovery & Compliance
Case study
  • Andre Steyn, Practice Lead - Digital Compliance snd IT Analytics Solutions, Veritas
13:55 - 14:10
SPIN AI artificial intelligence for small and large organizations
  • Marcin Palka, Specjalista ds. Smart City i Big Data, OKE Poland
14:10 - 15:15
Cybersecurity of data used in the company: in the organization's internal processes, during the exchange of sensitive data with a customer, or during cooperation with various entities on the market. Opportunities and threats resulting from the development of the "open data economy" concept. The responsibility for storing data and making them available.
14:10 - 14:25
Anonymization and pseudonymization of data in the internal processes of data processing
Case study
  • Krzysztof Dyki, President of the Management Board, ComCERT SA
14:25 - 14:40
Cyber Bunker - Last Data Copy
  • Leonid Venglinski, System Engineer, Customer Support & Technology Solutions, Veritas Technologies LLC
14:40 - 15:15
Data responsibility - customer's perspective
  • A look from the perspective of the end customer (who stores the data, who uses it, how to secure your data, building customer awareness)
  • Customer experience - providing better experiences with data
  • Accessibility and availability of data offered by applications
  • Insight into the data provided by the customer. Where do we leave our digital footprint and who can use it?
  • Phishing and other online threats
  • Artur Drobiecki, Head of Sales, Limitless Technologies
  • dr Krzysztof Korus, Counsel, Partner, DLK Legal, Member, The European Payment Institutions Federation (EPIF)
  • Joanna Wziątek, Senior Security Engineer, Tenable
  • Mariusz Jażdzyk, Author & Data Wizard / CEO,
* The agenda of the event is underway, we are open to any suggestions, suggestions and comments
** The Organizer reserves the right to changes in the agenda and the change of venue and date of the event
Update 4.04.2023