­čĆć Grupa CCC

CCC Group has used a number of digital solutions to take its business to the next level: omnichannel. A spectacular success is the transition with footwear sales into digital channels where a 3D foot scan made at and CCC outlets enables a very good shoe fit. In addition, CCC Group has built a fast-growing marketplace platform Modivo, as well as a digital store for HalfPrice, the off-price leader in CEE.


­čĆć Synerise i ┼╗abka Polska

Thanks to the ┼╗abka app and Synerise’s advanced analytics, both companies see customers even more clearly and can better and more effectively adapt to their expectations. Thanking for the award, they assure that the ┼╗abka Polska – Synerise tandem will surprise the market with innovations more than once.


­čĆć Platforma Biometrii Behawioralnej

The innovative solution created jointly by BIK and Digital Fingerprints, is a new type of security for customers and the sector as a whole, based on a biometric profile of customer behavior, which allows the identification of a fraudster in real time regardless of the application or device they are using. The biometric model is able to capture anomalies in user behavior, making it possible, for example, to detect a fraudulent operation and warn the bank against unauthorized access to an account or transfer from an account. It’s a solution that brings the security of the Polish financial sector’s banking channels to a higher level, and is unique internationally.


­čĆć PayEye

After two years of piloting iris payments, 2022. PayEye has rolled out a new enhanced service using two independent biometrics, eye and face. Along with PayEye 2.0, the company has also released next-generation eyePOS 2.0 biometric terminals and an enhanced PayEye 2.0 mobile app with direct card plug-in capability. The current strength of authentication gives the highest level of security with the highest user experience.


­čĆć Publicis Groupe

Publicis Groupe in Poland is the first company in the market to not only analyze the size of the carbon footprint resulting from marketing activities, but by introducing the Carbon Media Cost per Sale indicator, it gives advertisers the opportunity to optimize these activities. Importantly, the CMCS indicator allows marketing campaigns to be optimized to reduce the carbon footprint while maintaining sales effectiveness.



On March 13, 2022, the first Ukrainian citizen received a digital document. Since then, the document has been downloaded more than 500,000 times. The mCitizen application and the document provide a simple way to identify oneself (show data) in almost any life situation. The electronic document contains the most important data, including name, photo and PESEL number. The document allows you to confirm your identity as effectively as an ID card or passport. It is expected to be useful when using medical services or when showing one’s data when entering into an employment contract.
Advanced test work is also underway on the mCitizen 2.0 application, which is expected to expand the range of currently available e-services and introduce more documents into the digital wallet, or the ability to grant powers of attorney.


­čĆć Agnieszka Szopa-Maziukiewicz, The President of Digital Fingerprints and Managing Director of IT at BIK Group

The President of Digital Fingerprints and Managing Director of IT at BIK Group receives the award for revolutionizing the approach in creating new services and innovative solutions provided to customers in the financial sector. She implements the concept of close cooperation between IT and business, listening to the needs of customers. Among other things, she has implemented the BIK Anti-Fraud Platform solution – a sector-specific system for assessing the risk of fraud and abuse in credit processes, the Cyber Fraud Detection Platform – a sector-specific preventive system for protecting all transactions in online channels, not just loans, based on device verification. She is consistently involved in the development of BIK’s ecosystem of technological solutions with more systems, going one step further, i.e. promoting another sector solution, establishing work on the Behavioral Biometrics Platform, which already verifies not only devices, but the ways in which their users use them – a novel type of security that was previously absent from the market.