General Information:

  • The presentation should be sent no later than 2 working days before the date of the event to Project Coordinators: Zosia Andryszczyk:
  • The organizer is not responsible for incorrect display of the presentation if it has not been sent in advance and prepared according to the following guidelines.
  • If you wish to share presentations from your own device during the speech, please inform the organizer in advance, providing details of the presentation (e.g., whether there is audio, video in the presentation) and information about the device (e.g., brand of laptop, type of input). If you use your own device, please be present at the technical rehearsal on the date set by the organizer. W przypadku korzystania z własnego urządzenia prosimy o obecność na próbie technicznej w wyznaczonym przez organizatora terminie

Technical parameters of the presentation:

  • File: powerpoint (if special fonts are used in the presentation please send them along with the presentation)
  • Format: 16:9 (this is the size of the screens used during the conference)
  • Videos in ppt: it is best if they are nested in the presentation and uploaded in a separate file (appropriately labeled) so that they can be displayed in case of problems with playing them directly from the presentation
  • Readability of presentation: contrasting colors, large font, avoid print screen from web pages
  • We strongly request that you do not use the presentation in PDF format. When playing the PDF file on an external monitor, it is not possible to preview the view of successive slides or their numbering
  • Please do not include hyperlinks in the presentation – during the event, we do not connect to your company’s server or the Internet.

File format:

  • mp4 (about 15-20 mbps is enough)
  • mov (HAP codec, Photojpeg)

Resolution – preferably 1920×1080, 1280×720


  • .mp3 or.wav


  • jpeg,
  • eps,

Resolutions of 1920×1080 (larger than that won’t display on screens anyway)

Duration of the presentation:

  • Please stick to the designated time frame. At your disposal, in front of the stage, is a timer counting down the remaining time until the end of the speech – please pay attention to it. Once the scheduled time is exceeded, the organizer stipulates that he may turn off the microphone in order to conduct the congress according to the agenda. Do Państwa dyspozycji, przed sceną, jest timer odliczający pozostały czas do końca wystąpienia– proszę zwracać na niego uwagę. Po przekroczeniu planowanego czasu organizator zastrzega, że może wyłączyć mikrofon w celu przeprowadzenia kongresu zgodnie z agendą.