What is data economy? The answer is quite intuitive, however, as we will show in our project, the reality is more complicated and requires deeper analysis. Data economy is a new model of economy in which the main and basic factor is collecting data and analyzing it. In the world of digital revolution, it is no longer possible to effectively develop in any industry without understanding and using the potential of data.
Issues such as economic and business matters, the market environment or legal and regulatory environment will be discussed during the congress. We want to show the perspective of participants representing various sectors of the economy. All of the issues will be presented through the prism of technology – cloud, cybersecurity, tools, analyzes, data quality, artificial intelligence, etc. The thematic scope will be supervised by leading experts of the IT industry and traditional entities of the economy.


The Board is an inter-sectoral group whose aim is to develop concepts and ideas and to identify
key elements necessary for the development of the project. We invited people from sectors such as banking,
energy, retail and retail chains, e-commerce, logistics, telco & ICT, media to join the Founding Board.

Rafał Brzoska

Honorary Chairman of the Founding Board / President of the Management Board InPost

Mariusz Cholewa

Co-Chairman of the Founding Board / President of the Management Board, BIK

Szymon Wałach

Co-Chairman of the Founding Board / Vice President of the Management Board InPost

  • Dominika Bettman, Dyrektor Generalna, Microsoft Polska
  • Janusz Cieszyński, Sekretarz Stanu ds. cyfryzacji, KPRM
  • Artur Drobiecki, VP Sales, Limitless Technologies
  • Krzysztof Dyki, Prezes Zarządu, ComCERT S.A. Grupa Asseco
  • Łukasz Dyguła, Veritas
  • Przemysław Furlepa, Wiceprezes Zarządu, BNP Paribas Bank Polska
  • Paweł Gruza, Wiceprezes Zarządu kierujący pracami Zarządu Banku, PKO Bank Polski
  • Zbigniew Jagiełło, Członek Rady Nadzorczej, Polski Standard Płatności
  • Eryk Kłossowski, Prezes Zarządu, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne
  • Jarosław Królewski, CEO/Founder, Synerise
  • Adrian Kurowski, Dyrektor Visa w Polsce
  • Marcin Kuśmierz, Prezes Zarządu,
  • Jowita Michalska, Founder, Digital University
  • Michał Pieprzny, Managing Director Poland, SAS Institute
  • Piotr Piętka, CEO, Publicis
  • Michał Potoczek, Prezes Zarządu, Chmura Krajowa
  • Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska, Ekspertka AI, Profesor Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego
  • Edyta Sadowska, Prezes Zarządu i Dyrektor Generalna, CANAL+ Polska
  • Wojciech Sobieraj, Prezes Zarządu, Vodeno
  • Sławomir Soszyński, Wiceprezes Zarządu, ING Bank Śląski
  • Paweł Szymczak, Prezes Zarządu, NASK SA
  • Piotr Zesiuk, Prezes Zarządu, MMC Polska


  • Management Boards of companies from the new technologies sector operating in Poland
  • CTO, CDO, CIO,
  • Management boards of companies from traditional sectors (plus directors of development, strategy, digitization, IT in these entities)
    • banking
    • Insurance
    • financial sector, including VC and PE
    • energy, including electricity and gas distribution and trading companies
    • retail chains
    • logistics
    • supply-chain
    • telco & ICT
  • Public administration, in particular local government
  • City authorities and people responsible for smart city technologies in local administration
  • Fintech ecosystem companies
  • Retailer, marketplace, e-commerce
  • Social media, streaming platforms, media groups
  • Creators of new technologies, experts, IT influencers, enthusiasts and promoters of new technologies, start-ups
  • Data-analysts, data-scientists, programmers


  • Data driven business
  • What will the economy of the future look like?
  • Where are we with the data economy?
  • How does data affect energy and climate change?
  • Regulate or deregulate?
  • Current work on directives and regulations in the EU in the context of the Data Economy
  • Involvement of the financial sector, barriers to monetization PSD2, PSD3
  • GDPR - adaptation to market trends in the future
  • Technological standardization - disruptive or destructive
  • First: Cybersecurity (data security)
  • Security, identity protection
  • ESG & green economy
  • Data monetization
  • New business models - how to make money on it?
  • Thoughts - Insights - Ideas
  • Hyperpersonalization - a change in the approach to the customer
  • Investments in DeepTech
  • Being Smart - Smart homes, smart cars, smart payments
  • Data generated in IoT - today's applications and potential
  • Social Media - how will they develop? The use of currently processed data
  • Full digitization of life and business
  • Open date vs. monetization
  • The perspective of an individual customer - ethical aspects, "who is the creator and who is the material"
  • Ways of obtaining customer data, awareness, controlling consents, risks
  • Building awareness of values
  • Data storage and integration
  • data analytics
  • data sharing
  • 5G and the cloud
  • AI - the magic word in business
  • Why doesn't AI scale faster?
  • Ethical AI
  • Machine learning in the data economy
  • AI applications - use cases

Interested in participating in the Data Economy Congress?